University of Saskatchewan
Department of Soil Science
College of Agriculture and Bioresources

Environmental Soil Chemistry

Derek Peak
Environmental Soil Chemistry
Office: AGRIC 5D04
Phone: 306 966-6806
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Current Research Group Members

Gideon Olaleye, Ph.D. Student
"Environmental sustainability of MicroVeg indigenous vegetable production methods in Nigeria and Benin"

Louis Comeau, Ph.D. Student
"Nutrient Cycling in Indonesian palm plantations"

Essouassi Elikem, M.Sc. Student
"Relating speciation and human toxicity for soils contaminated with metal mixtures"

Kendall Krepps, M.Sc. Student
"Fate of As in Rabbit Lake U mine tailing sediments"

David Bulmer, M.Sc. Student
"Modelling the transport of phosphate in subsoil conditions"

Jordan Hamilton, Ph.D. Student
"Synchrotron-based studies of mineralogy and P sorption in a hydrocarbon-contaminated site amended with biochars."

David Hilger, M.Sc. Student
"Spectroscopic and dissolution studies of phosphate minerals"

Courtney Phillips, Ph.D. Student
"Interactions between phosphate. calcium, and low molecular weight organic acids in subsurface environments"

Dr. Gourango Kar, Post Doctoral Fellow
"S and P speciation in agricultural soil systems."

Research Group Alumni

Dr. Adam Gillespie, Post Doctoral Fellow 2014-16. "Advancing soft x-ray spectroscopy in soil science"

Alexis Tindall, M.Sc. 2015. "Fertilizer microdosing effects on soil quality in Sahelian soils"

Jordan Hamilton, M.Sc. 2014. "Synchrotron-based Speciation of Zn in a smelter-contaminated site"

Gourango Kar, Ph.D 2013. "P Speciation in Saskatchewan soils receiving a variety of manure amendments"

Aaron Betts, M.Sc. 2013. "Evaluating biochars as remediation material for Zn-contaminated soils"

Dr. James Dynes, Post-doctoral Fellow 2010. "Copper (II) reaction with short range order aluminum oxides formed in the presence of tannate."

Abhishek Mandal, M.Sc. 2008. "Arsenite and Arsenate sorption on nanometer-sized CaCO3 minerals"

Gourango Kar, M.Sc. 2007. "P Speciation in Biosolids-amended Soils"

Peta-Gaye Burnett M.Sc. 2006. "Thermophilic microorganisms for removal of trace metals from waste effluents"

Dani Xu M.Sc. 2006. "Probing boron reactivity with soil minerals and soil organic matter with FT Raman and FTIR spectroscopy"

Dr. Guiyin Zhang Post Doctoral Fellow. 2006. "ATR-FTIR spectroscopic studies of oxyanion reactivity on iron oxides"