University of Saskatchewan
Department of Soil Science
College of Agriculture and Bioresources

Environmental Soil Chemistry

Automated Titration Package

Our laboratory has constructed an advanced potentiometric titration system inside an anaerobic chamber for performing chemical experiments. This provides our group with the ability to control atmospheric conditions precisely while performing experiments. The system currently consists of:

Plas-Labs Glovebox (2 user)
Metrohm 751 pH stat/titrator
Metrohm 716 DMS titrator
Metrohm 685 Dosimat
Metrohm 730 16 position Autosampler
Dell workstation running Brinkmann's Workcell software

The Metrohm 751 and 685 Dosimat are used to dispense acid and base for potentiometric titrations in both up and down directions using routines written in Brinkmann's Workcell software. The Metrohm 716 titrator is currently using a Cd selective electrode to monitor {Cd2+} levels in reactions. This allows for real time monitoring of reaction kinetics while pH is very tightly controlled.